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Sunday, April 10, 2005

A short birding post to get back into the swing.

On Friday I went birding by myself for many hours. It was good to be well enough to go walking again. I went to a big marshy park in Everett. I want to call it Spencer Island, but I think that's incorrect. I must have walked about eight miles.

I was happy to see an osprey at close range. At first, his behavior was a little baffling -- it looked like the osprey was trying to land over and over on a dead branch much too small to support his weight. When the branch finally broke, he carried it across the Snohomish river to the top of a high utility pole. He was building a nest there. From the looks of things, he had a lot of work to do.

I also saw some birds I haven't seen for a while: cinnamon teals, two males and two females. They're attractive little ducks; true to their name, the males are the color of cinnamon sticks. Their eyes are bright red, there is nice striping on their backs, and in one of nature's poorest color combinations, they have powder blue patches on their wings (but these usually don't show). Powder blue + cinnamon = yuck. But as long as the wings stay closed, the birds are lovely. Here's a nice picture of a male. You can't see the powder blue. Forget I even mentioned it:

I saw lots of garter snakes. I love the sound they make as they pour away from you through the brush. It's almost like someone drawing a blade.

I'll write more later. I'm feeling better physically, but I'm not feeling so hot emotionally yet. I'm sad. Eventually it'll pass, right?



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