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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Unexpected sunny day, big dipterid.

Today, after a week and a half of rain and cold, we had a gorgeous day.

Beanie and I went to a nearby park and explored. We spent a lot of time looking at bugs, climbing trees, and dissecting different kind of flowers.

I found a giant fly resembling this handsome fellow:

Casually pointing it out to Beanie, I said, "Hey, look at that bug!"

"It's a robber fly," he corrected me, repeating it for emphasis. "Robber fly."

'Oh, yeah,' I thought, 'we saw one of those last time we were at this park, two weeks ago, and I guess I did remark off-handedly that it was a robber fly, but....'

Again, I was in awe of how well Beanie recalls things, and I was reminded to watch my mouth. Lord knows what idle things I've said that he's committed to memory!


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