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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

News on the experiment.

I know that I haven't made any journal entries for a while, but things around here have been changing fast.

The transformation of our two-story apartment into a Permian swamp is almost complete. I've grown accustomed to the rapid growth of the giant club mosses and horsetail ferns; they really took off due to the southern exposure of our giant windows. Between the spring sunlight and my cranking up the heat artificially, I'd say the temperature in here runs about 85 degrees most of the time. But I'm having a lot of trouble judging the temperature; like all of the creatures that now pervade the apartment, I can't seem to effectively regulate my own temperature. The fever and chills are getting in the way of my making accurate observations, I'm afraid, but I'm doing my best.

The atmosphere is very humid and dense. I have trouble breathing it, and have an awful rattle in my chest. However, the dragonflies with two-foot wingspans seem to love it -- the thick air helps them fly. I can see them shivering, perched on the posts of the loft bed in the morning. Then they catch stoneflies out of the air all day. They usually don't trouble me, but their wings make a distracting sound like a small outboard engine.

The most menacing animals are the giant salamanders. Since the downstairs is now flooded (and that is where my observation platform is), they can get dreadfully close to me while I sleep. During the day, they pull themselves out on the mossy stairs and soak up the sun, paying me no regard. But at night, I often roll over to see two large orbs (2, maybe 3 inches across?) blinking closed silently and sinking below the water. They are getting closer all the time. Sometimes I throw a used tissue at them, but the action seems laughably ineffectual.

So, don't be surprised if this is my last journal entry. I'm feeling very cold, so I'm now going back to sleep. Or I'll try to. There's a lot of weird sounds in here, and I can't breathe too well. The water is rising.


  • At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Montana Mom said…

    Good grief!

  • At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Next time try the cough medicine without LSD.



  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger Rob said…

    Good God. Was it cosmic coincidence, or did you somehow mock up the timestamp of your post as having been 4:20?

    But do not worry, Kathryn. This is merely the first stage of your...metamorphosis. Soon, your will start finding strange creases, like wrinkles, on your neck, and your lovely expanse of a forehead will seem to widen as the hair stops growing and the scales come in. Your low blood oxygen will no longer matter as you complete the transformation into your distant, reptilian self. Soon, your attraction for the ocean and the mad, desperate attempts your parents made to keep you inland, the Chinese mystic who spoke strange words in a dead language over you when you were a child, and your peculiar taste for seafood will all become clear. Embrace the respiraling of your genetic structure, do not fear it. You will soon be as a god to all us air-suckers.

  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger Kate said…



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