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Saturday, March 19, 2005

"Helium is a type of tusk."

A moment ago, Beanie said that helium is a type of tusk, which is just too fascinating. He's jumping off into a lecture, so I will transcribe:

Beanie: "Tusk is a part....some things are made of tusks, like the clock is made of tusk [points to clock]. Some metal and plastic is called tusk. Like our own milky way. This is the way with milk, and that has a lot of things that go up -- just like balloons. Many things are made of it. There's a little gas that you breathe. It's called, 'the gas you only [makes panting sound]'. If you live this big, you're about a hundred-twenty -- if you're this tall [gestures to purple crayon], you've got a big head. It looks like this. Some people have purple heads, like this. They're people who study birds, people that study farm animals. They're in laboratories. The food that bird eats [points to picture of bird]. Talking like a science guy is very difficult. He talks really wacky. Hey, do you know that bird? [Picks up 'Audubon' magazine]"

Me: "I think it's a thrush."

"What's that one with the yellow chin?"

"A yellowthroat."

"What's that bird? That's the easiest bird to find in the creature world that lives here."

"A nuthatch."

"Lemme flip it over. More birds to see. That bird and that bird. That's a woodpecker, he pecked a hole in the tree. He's looking for bugs. Peck peck peck, peck peck peck [with crayon on table, then stops to point]. What's that bird?"

"I think you know it."

"Cardinal! It's a cardinal, Mommy."

"What's that bird?"

"Still the thrush." [Beanie points to a penguin.]

"Penguins only walk; they cannot fly. They can only walk and swim. I told you. They're really 'entied' to people. That means they have a lot in common between people and penguins."

"Diaper change time! Are you ready?"

"This little ball that I'm looking at is actually Pluto." [Points with crayon to miniscule speck on wall.]


"Right there, that tiny little speck is Pluto. I'm looking at it."

"Okay, diaper change now!"

"I'm looking at Pluto! Pluto's in my room. All the planets are in my room. Zoomzoomzoom!" [Runs to room, gets diaper change.]


Beanie is really into the PBS show "Bill Nye the Science Guy" these days, especially the episodes about outer space, the planets, the moon, and the earth's crust. He also saw a show about tusks recently. And just today I was telling him about helium and balloons. Just so you know where this stuff is coming from.


  • At 11:37 AM, Blogger Benevolist said…

    His lectures make no less sense than those of some Evergreen professors. It can only get better from here.

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger D'nah Freespirit said…

    I love Bean's lectures. Talk about a Unified Field Theory! He often throws in everything he's thinking about.

    What's that old saying about writing a novel? It's much easier to cut out unnecessary things than it is to flesh out an empty story.


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