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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Snake flossing.

I lived in China for two years when I was a kid, and I saw some weird stuff there. One of the most bizarre things I came across was a freak show at the local market. It had the usual preserved things in jars you'd expect to see: pickled punks, a two-headed goat fetus, a poorly-stitched-together fish/pig thing.

I had to pay a little extra to go into a dark tent to see something special. A scantily-clad young lady was dancing holding several snakes -- big pythons. I thought that was cool enough, but then she set the big ones down, took out a small snake and threaded it UP HER NOSE, then OUT HER MOUTH. I was aghast, and I've wondered ever since if I really saw that. Was that possible?

Well, see for yourself in the above post. Incredible, huh? Here's a strangely-written article about that gaping fellow with the lovely green snake emerging from his mouth. I guess he is now something of a minor TV star in India:

Manoharan even used to put venomous snakes up his nose. The article recounts that a snake once took a wrong turn at his larynx (it got confused?). He didn't want to risk getting a deadly bite by pulling it back out through his nose, so he bit the snake in half and ate it, instead.

How, exactly, was that safer than pulling it out of his nose?

On the bright side, the man is vegetarian now. When he encounters a snake today, he picks it up to stroke it and give it a kiss, then he lets it go.


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